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Cover Story: Impact of Motivational Interviewing on Early Childhood Caries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

The authors assess the scientific evidence on motivational interviewing for the clinical reduction of early childhood caries.



Topographic Aspects of Airborne Contamination Caused by the Use of Dental Handpieces in the Operative Environment

The authors evaluate contamination resulting from the use of rotary and vibrating oscillating instruments in a dental operatory.


Sickle Cell Disease: Evidence-Based Dental Management in the New Era of Sickle Cell Disease: A Scoping Review

The authors explore dental treatments in people with sickle cell disease.


Simplified Occlusal Replica Adapted Technique With Glass Ionomer Cement for Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization–Affected Molars: An 18 Month Follow-Up

The authors describe using a simplified occlusal replica adapted technique with conventional glass ionomer cement to treat molar-incisor hypomineralization.


Rehabilitation for a Scleroderma Patient With Severe Microstomia Using Digital and Conventional Methods

The authors describe an integrated digital rehabilitation procedure for a patient with scleroderma and severe microstomia.


Ill-Defined Lytic Mandibular Lesion

The authors ask readers to diagnose the case of a healthy 69-year-old woman with a persistent right mandibular infection and pain that had begun 5 months previously.


Anosmia: A Review in the Context of Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Orofacial Pain

The authors highlight the basic principles underlying the physiology and pathophysiology of olfaction and its possible relationship with disease entities.


JournalScan: Selections From the Current Literature

This feature offers summaries of studies in the current dental and medical literature on topics such as the effect of local anesthetics in young children, cost for providing dental care to seniors, preventive oral health services for young children, and modified dosing of direct oral anticoagulants for simple tooth extraction.


The Profession, the Pandemic, and a Guiding Principle

The ADA President addresses the American Dental Association’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

View Guest Editorial

How COVID-19 Deepens Child Oral Health Inequities

The author discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic will further widen child oral health disparities.


CSA Corner: Dental Light-Curing Units: An American Dental Association Clinical Evaluators Panel Survey 

The authors report the results of an American Dental Association Clinical Evaluators Panel Survey in which panel members were asked about dental light-curing unit use, unit type and selection, training, maintenance, technique, and safety measures.


Preventing Tooth Loss

Use this handout to provide patients with information and tips about how to prevent tooth loss.


PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry features the latest research in dentistry with take-home messages and expert commentary, information on continuing education opportunities, access to information on other health care channels and access to COVID-19 research. Sign up today for free.


It is very difficult to not only keep up with the most up-to-date information in dentistry, but also to be able to assess the scientific rigor of the information. Clinical Scans is your go-to resource!


Licensed US dentists can earn up to 3 CE credits every month through the JADA CE Online program. This month's program highlights 3 topics:

• The effect of motivational interviewing on early childhood caries
• Airborne contamination caused by the use of dental handpieces
• Evidence-based dental management in the new era of sickle cell disease


Introduced in 1913, The Journal of the American Dental Association is the nation's premier dental journal—a reliable, peer-reviewed source of information on dentistry and dental science.